MEDIMAA Cardiology Journal is an emerging academic journal in the scientific community, it is a strictly peer-reviewed, open-access journal which thrives to publish, the most recent and accurate articles which includes highlights, research & review articles, clinical researches and case reports and covers a broad spectrum of titles in cardiology for practicing cardiologists, researchers and young trainers benefiting from the wide range of useful educational content.

The journal is related with the circulation, cardiovascular quality and outcomes, vascular biology, electrophysiology of heart plus cardiac nature review, cardiovascular magnetic resonance, resuscitation surgeries, aneurysms & aortic dysfunction, congenital heart disease, chronic heart failure, coronary syndrome, percutaneous coronary intervention, giant right atrial cystic hamartoma and many more related with the heart and circulation system.

MEDIMAA Cardiology Journal is an initiative to bring radical improvement in the health sector. The journal has been tailored in such a manner that it seeks attention from academicians, researchers, doctors and health professionals all over the world.