Editor's Responsibilities

  1. Editors are requested to express their view regarding the article whether it falls under the journal scope or not and whether it meets the desired publication criteria or not.

  2. Editors are requested to perform detailed evaluation of the manuscript and should suggest for any further modifications to be done in the article.

  3. After the article undergoes peer review process, the content will be forwarded to the editor. The editor should provide the necessary changes to be carried out in the article to augment its quality.

  4. After getting satisfied with the quality of the manuscript, the editor should declare his/her decision to proceed for publication of the article.

  5. If the article is worthy of rejection in your horizon, please explain the grounds on which the conclusion is posed.

  6. The decision of editor should not be influenced by any factors.

  7. The editor’s quick response is very essential to maintain the desired time constraints. In case the editors are busy with their work schedule and are unable to participate in the peer review process, then it is the editor’s responsibility to assign suitable and potential reviewers who can carry out efficient peer review process ensuring the best quality outcome of the content.

  8. Editors are requested to have a glance at the reviewer guidelines and are responsible to ensure quality outcome of the literature through intense and thorough peer review process.

  9. Editors need to ensure protection and confidentiality of the content.