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About Us

MEDIMAA is a fast approaching open access journal publishing organization, which cynosure finest, authentic and admirable scholarly research work done by scientists, practitioners, eminent intellectual scholars & young aspiring graduates to enrich learning & to grasp knowledge in all the meadows of science, medicine and health via a green online road which is popular as “Open Access Model” in the present days.

MEDIMAA aims to accommodate a prestigious podium, so that the scholars can disclose their magnificent valuable research ethics & marvelous talent to the readers and other scholars/graduates all over the globe through Open Access Policy.

MEDIMAA extremely abides the strong Editorial Policy & Blind Peer-Review Process by accrediting the relevant articles/manuscripts to the referees or reviewers.

Being Open Access Publishers, MEDIMAA is a self-supporting organization which doesn’t receives financial backing or funding or grants from any institute, society, association or university, in fact, it solely relies on the handling charges from the authors. The handling charges are a necessity to run the journals at a smooth pace. Authors have to pay only after the acceptance of their manuscript/article for publication.

MEDIMAA follows Open Access Publishing Policy and contents are uploaded under the purview of Creative Common Attribution License. All articles published under MEDIMAA credits copyrights to the authors making their research work a hit among the readers.